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Every family has a story. Here's ours.


Apache LLC was founded in 2014 by Daya Singh. Previous to this, Daya was one of the co-owners of Sharp Airfreight, formerly the largest airfreight trucking company in New England with more than 85 trucks and 200+ employees. After closing Sharp in the year 1998, Daya went on to real estate development and gas stations/convenience stores. After spending 14 years in the gas station/convenience store business, Daya decided it was time to get back to what he was really passionate about: trucking. In 2014, Daya made the bold step to sell his gas stations and convenience stores and start a trucking company with just two trucks. The rest is history.

Although much had changed in the trucking industry in the 14 years Daya spent away from it, he brought with him a few core values that made his first company such a success.


By consistently exceeding the expectations of customers, Daya was able to not only bring in new business but also retain loyal customers who would come to rely on Apache to meet their shipping needs.


The second aspect of Daya's growth strategy was to find an area to specialize within the trucking industry. Recognizing the high demand for refrigerated trucking capacity, Daya made the bold decision to specialize in the transport of refrigerated food products.


Finally, Daya had to tackle the ever-difficult driver shortage plaguing the U.S. transportation industry. However, rather than spending his energy and efforts on job postings and advertising, Daya found his best recruitment tool to be his own drivers. By treating each and every driver with respect (and also paying above-market rates), his drivers developed a sense of loyalty to Daya and his mission. Through word of mouth, Apache drivers would actively recruit friends, family and former co-workers from previous jobs to come join the Apache family.

By 2015, Daya had grown the company to seven trucks and had no plans of slowing down. Recognizing the opportunity, his son Sanjay "Jay" Singh decided to leave his management consulting role at one of the top consulting firms in the world in order to join his father and grow the business. Jay's immediate goal was to enhance two components of the business: customer-service and operational efficiency. By making processes within the company more efficient and also by investing in industry-leading technology, Jay was able to help grow the company quickly. Apache continues to grow and hopes to soon become the largest refrigerated trucking company in New England.

Daya Singh



Daya's primary focus is to ensure the core values of the company remain in-tact as well as the overall strategy and vision. He founded the company on his belief that the trucking industry could be better. Better customer service, better ways of treating drivers and better ways of operating more efficiently. Daya is the architect behind Apache's rapid growth as he is constantly working to add more drivers and equipment to keep up with the growing demand of our customers. Daya is married to Sandy (Chief Financial Officer) and they have four children, three of whom work in the family business.

Sandy Singh


Chief Financial Officer

In addition to being responsible for the accounts payables and accounts receivables, Sandy is responsible for the financial planning and budgeting. She prepares and analyzes financial reports and influences all financial decisions made within the organization. Sandy is Daya's wife and the proud mother of four, three of whom work in the family business.

Jay Singh


Director of Operations

Jay is responsible for ensuring every single shipment handled by Apache is transported as efficiently and effectively as possible. In doing so, Jay ensures our customer's needs are exceeded each and every time they work with Apache. By constantly researching and implementing innovative technology, Jay keeps us ahead of the competition. Jay also spends a lot of time speaking with both new and potential customers in order to better understand their needs and how Apache can best serve them. This immense focus on the customer experience is what drives Jay and sets us apart from the competition. Jay is one of Daya and Sandy's four children.

Sangeeta Singh


Compliance Manager

Geeta is responsible for the safe and legal operation of company drivers and equipment. She is primarily responsible for monitoring and regulating drivers' hours of service to ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. Additionally, Geeta oversees all claims to ensure each is handled in a timely and efficient manner. Geeta is also responsible for training all company employees and drivers to ensure all personnel are informed of all pertinent rules and regulations. Geeta brings 10 years of regulatory compliance experience with multinational Fortune 100 companies. Geeta is one of Daya and Sandy's daughters and is Jay and Pooja's sister.

Pooja Singh


Operations Manager

Pooja is responsible for overseeing the tracking of each and every shipment to ensure our customers are always kept informed as to the status of their shipments. Additionally, Pooja coordinates the dispatch of company drivers and assets to loads. She is the designated customer rep for several of Apache's larger customers because of her commitment to maintaining outstanding customer service. Pooja also oversees the dispatch technology in order to ensure it's operating as effectively as possible.  Pooja is one of Daya and Sandy's daughters and is Jay and Geeta's sister.

Alok Gupta


Operations Analyst

Alok is responsible for ensuring every shipment is on time and delivered with the utmost care and safety. He effectively manages our customer profiles to best serve Apache in ensuring we use the most up to date, efficient, and innovative methods for our customers.

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